(244D) Handsome, Manly Bottom Virgin  남자답게 잘생긴 탑아다

(244D) Handsome, Manly Bottom Virgin

• 52min (4angles, 5files), 5.5GB

• Eng Subs • Edited Version Available • Bottom has short hair and looks manly, handsome • He attemed to finger himself, but it hurt so he didn't do it after that • He have never recieved caressing before sex • Worried that he might feel pain after inserting the cock, but was surprised when he wasn't hurt • Caressing for 15 mins, inserting cock for 8 mins, and sex for 25 mins• He understood why there is a lack of tops • Both cums • Later I found that his friend had sex with me before and recommended me 🤣🤣


(244D) 남자답게 잘생긴 탑아다

• 52min (4angles, 5files), 5.5GB

• 영어자막 • 편집본있음 • 머리 짧고 남자답게 잘생김 • 애널에 손가락 넣어봤는데 아파서 안해봤다고 • 한번도 섹스전에 애무 받아보지 못했다고 • 아플까봐 걱정했는데 삽입하고 안아파서 놀람 • 15분동안 애무, 8분동안 삽입, 25분동안 섹스 • 왜 탑이 부족한지 알겠다고.. • 둘 다 사정 • 알고보니 나랑 했던 친구가 추천했다고 🤣🤣

(244D) Handsome, Manly Bottom Virgin 남자답게 잘생긴 탑아다


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