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Seegasm jerk-off 2

Seegasm jerk-off 2

This is my jerk off vid.It consists of new video that were not posted on Twitter and old thats were posted on Twitter. It's 23 mins in total and consisted of 6 vids and various photos. And in this folder, there is a video of me singing for 20 minutes on the air.


The amount earned from selling the jerk off vids is not going towards donation to charities, but it will be used towards seegasm's personal use. I would like to emphasize that one more time, the amount earned will be used for my personal use and will not be donated to charities. I will use the amount towards whatever I want and wherever I want for myself. Therefore, if you want to guarantee that your money goes towards supporting and donating towards charities, do not purchase this vid.


This video doesn't have a link to Google Drive, only have a Mega link.

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